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Mercedes GLK350

A Simple Mercedes GLK 350 Review

When you think about Mercedes Benz, you don’t always factor in their brand of sports utility vehicles. Sure, at first glance you will find that they have some nice options, but they have rekindled the fire that once burned for SUV’s with their latest incarnations and line ups. Among their fleet today thrives the Mercedes GLK 350. On the surface it looks like your average utilitarian designed option, perfect for moms and dads that want a little taste of the good life while taking the kids to school or to run errands. You’ll find that all the standards are here, but it’s when you get behind the wheel that you start to see the illuminated effect of what the brand is known for.

Step on the gas pedal and you will be charging ahead with sheer brute strength. You will find that the powerful engine will take you flying across any terrain with ease. Not only that, you will find that the all wheel drive and traction control stabilizes you even in wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. The technicians have worked overtime to create a very interesting ride, one that stabilizes you when applying the brakes or turning at high speeds on a snowy embankment. You’ll find that the stability is impressive and while other brands would get stuck in the mud, this all wheel drive mechanism will save you from being stranded with simplicity.

Aside from the powerful engine and steering components, car enthusiasts will find that there is a lot to love in terms of safety. The safety restraints have been redesigned, there are parking assistant options, curve illuminated viewing, airbags throughout, specialized seating, and protective inlays just in case you are involved in a wreck. No matter what happens, you will be safe as the company has done everything they could to create an advanced vehicle for you and your family to drive.

Perhaps the most compelling thing to notice is that the design doesn’t let up, and doesn’t let you rest on the fact that you are behind the wheel of a powerful machine. You are very much going to enjoy the ride with the bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect when paying top dollar for a vehicle. Leather seating is just the start, and when you trick out your customized edition, you will find that the price tag doesn’t really jump too high. In fact, the base model comes with so many standards that you will find the asking price to be something of a joke. The price for the base points you towards 37,900 which doesn’t necessarily scream Mercedes Benz, but you will most definitely feel it when you’re driving.

There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on luxury when you can afford something as brilliant as this, and truly get what you pay for. Test drive one today, and see why so many are ditching their older model SUV’s and minivans in favor of a taste of the good life, without blowing the budget. You’ll be impressed, that’s for sure.

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