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Mercedes GLK350

Finding the impossible in look, comfort, and speed.

Imagine if you will a fast, beautiful car.  Chances are an SUV was the last thing that came to your mind.  You are not alone, in the SUV market, few vehicles go beyond their exciting and liberating names to deliver a driving experience worth buying.  Comfort takes precedents, as potential owners juggling families and lives look for something to transport everyone without a hitch.  However, finding an SUV that juggles look, comfort, and speed isn’t impossible.  Even now there are vehicles on the market getting close to this holy grail of SUV manufacturing.

An SUV that goes for the gold.

When rating SUVs based on look, comfort and speed, Mercedes-Benz GLK350 was near the top of the list.  So, we chose the GLK350.  Starting at just under 37,500$, the GLK 350 is marketed as luxury, though attempts through its price to market towards the high end of standard.  However, anyone seriously thinking of purchasing the GLK350 will end up spending a few extra thousand on an array of additions.  The basic interior is spacious, offering a richly refined cabin.  Beyond an advanced navigation system inherent to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the interior is much like other SUV’s offering ample space, seating and storage.  In terms of comfort, the GLK 350 is pleasant, though by itself it is not entirely worth the cost.

Examining the poetics of its design.

Where as the interior is a refined version of what is more or less found in other cheaper SUVs, the exterior look of the GLK350 stands out.  The lines of the GLK 350 convey a rugged simplicity at odds with the interior.  With so little clutter, the eye is drawn to visible lines, and the spaces created from their convergence.  Looking at the GLK350 from the back, and it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of thought went into eliminating the “fat butt” ascetic so frequently seen in SUVs.  Instead, a sleek design draws the eyes upward to the roof racks, designed in part to carry the eye to all other parts of the vehicle.  The feeling of moving forward is overwhelming, even when the vehicle is stationary.  For its look, GLK350 is a tempting buy, but not by itself. 

Where the GLK350 shines.

Most SUVs look ok and are comfortable, but few are fun to drive.  This feature in particular is what sets the GLK350 apart, and is why there is a GLK350 price – Mercedes GLK review.  With a 3.5L V6 gasoline engine and 302 horsepower, the GLK350 tries to be a racecar.  Sensitive turning and breaks makes it feel as if it is an extension of your body.

Where that leaves us…

The GLK350 may not be the perfect SUV to combine comfort, design, and speed, but it definitely represents a step in the right direction.  If you are looking for an SUV and have the money to spare, definitely add it to your list. 


Mercedes wagon

A Wagon Built For Safety
How would you like to purchase a wagon for your family but then be given the option to have fold down seats for extra cargo space. With a Mercedes wagon you have that option. Their wagon will give you 29.0 cubic feet of space and this is when you have the middle seat up. You will find that this wagon has numerous safety features which have been placed with your family in mind.

Mercedes Wagon
The 2014 Mercedes wagon will offer you new technology. This is an important improvement. This particular model has had considerable changes, even to the door skins, as well as the rear fenders. It has a sportier trim. This particular series is very roomy but yet it is sporty, as well. It’s the only European wagon. The new design is new and it makes it more alluring. This particular wagon not only will offer you luxury, excellent gas mileage, but also all-weather capability.
One of the advantages is the spacious interior space. This is an excellent feature when you are traveling with passengers or carrying cargo. The technology for this wagon is excellent. It contains a COMAND system which puts numerous features close at hand. It also has a 7-inch display and a central controller. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth audio streaming, USB input, and a digital Media interface which is all for your listening pleasure.

In the cargo area you will find a 12 volt outlet, first aid kit, cargo shade which will pull out and hide the contents, and six tie down hooks. The upholstery is easy for cleanup purposes. It is also equipped with a built in DVD player, gaming device RCA jacks. You will also find that this wagon includes a lighting package. It has LED headlamps and front turn indicators.
Since safety is a concern for individuals we have equipped our wagons with sensors. There is a sensor which detects when you are going to be rear ended. It will lock the breaks, tense up on the seat belts, and will also adjust the headrest and your seat cushions. The reason for the wagon doing all of this is to prevent you from getting whiplash and/or knee injuries. There is also a PRE-safe brake system. The way this system works is by detecting and braking for pedestrians. This is done at speeds up to 45 mph. They have also equipped 70 sensors and monitors which are so that it can help in deciding if the driver may need to stop and take a break before the 548 mile fuel range has been consumed.
When it comes to safety the Mercedes wagon has tried to take make sure that it kept their owners and their family safe. You will find that the design and all the excellent features are top of the line. One of the nice features of our wagon is that it truly doesn’t look like a station wagon. The spacious room of the back cargo area is an excellent feature when you need to carry larger items.


Out of the top 10 Luxury Compact SUVs the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class ranks 7 out of 10. This car has a powerful V6 engine, great handling, and the interior is high end which you would expect in a Mercedes vehicle. The interior is a bit cramped and it doesn’t have a good fuel economy so these are the low points of this vehicle.


This 2013 Mercedes GLK has the standard type 302-horsepowerV6 engines. This vehicle has an automatic seven-speed transmission and it features stop/start technology which will idle the engine to save fuel. The transmission is a bit slow on the downshift and many users say they don’t like the start/stop technology that much as it’s unrefined. You can get this vehicle in an all-wheel drive if you want. The GLK will get 19 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway and with the all-wheel drive this is about 19/24mpg. This vehicle is said to handle well although some other rivals may handle a bit better, it’s all really the taste of the driver.


The interior of the 2013 Mercedes GLK is very stylish but the base models lacks some of the features such as the leather seats and iPod dock which are standard on other competitor vehicles. The faux leather seats look good and it’s hard to tell that it isn’t real leather on the seats. The interior is a bit cramped although the seats are quite comfortable with enough room to sit in them properly. The second row seats are where the cramped space occurs as these are a bit too tight so there’s not the maximum comfort that you want in a vehicle such as this one. The GLK is also lacking a lot of the cargo space of similar vehicle sin its class.


This vehicle has some nice looking strong lines and good front grille. You’ll find a nice large Mercedes logo. The exterior also has some good chrome accents but not too many of them to distract form the look of the SUV. The 20” twin spoke wheel also adds a bit of a sporty feel to this vehicle.

Other Features

There’s an automatic climate control with this vehicle and a panoramic sunroof feature. This vehicle has Bluetooth connectivity as well. A power liftgate, rear entertainment system as well as a navigation system are some options on this vehicle.


This vehicle has some nice features but the price is quite high. The extra features can inflate the price even more. This is a nice luxury SUV but it could have more than it does. The interior space is a bit small and the entertainment system has some problems as the knobs aren’t placed that well. The knobs require some fiddling with and this might mean you have to take your eyes off the road. It’s best to set this before you drive so you don’t have to deal with it. Overall this vehicle is a decent ride if you need a higher end SUV.