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Mercedes GLK350

GLK350 price – Mercedes GLK review

Finding the impossible in look, comfort, and speed.

Imagine if you will a fast, beautiful car.  Chances are an SUV was the last thing that came to your mind.  You are not alone, in the SUV market, few vehicles go beyond their exciting and liberating names to deliver a driving experience worth buying.  Comfort takes precedents, as potential owners juggling families and lives look for something to transport everyone without a hitch.  However, finding an SUV that juggles look, comfort, and speed isn’t impossible.  Even now there are vehicles on the market getting close to this holy grail of SUV manufacturing.

An SUV that goes for the gold.

When rating SUVs based on look, comfort and speed, Mercedes-Benz GLK350 was near the top of the list.  So, we chose the GLK350.  Starting at just under 37,500$, the GLK 350 is marketed as luxury, though attempts through its price to market towards the high end of standard.  However, anyone seriously thinking of purchasing the GLK350 will end up spending a few extra thousand on an array of additions.  The basic interior is spacious, offering a richly refined cabin.  Beyond an advanced navigation system inherent to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the interior is much like other SUV’s offering ample space, seating and storage.  In terms of comfort, the GLK 350 is pleasant, though by itself it is not entirely worth the cost.

Examining the poetics of its design.

Where as the interior is a refined version of what is more or less found in other cheaper SUVs, the exterior look of the GLK350 stands out.  The lines of the GLK 350 convey a rugged simplicity at odds with the interior.  With so little clutter, the eye is drawn to visible lines, and the spaces created from their convergence.  Looking at the GLK350 from the back, and it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of thought went into eliminating the “fat butt” ascetic so frequently seen in SUVs.  Instead, a sleek design draws the eyes upward to the roof racks, designed in part to carry the eye to all other parts of the vehicle.  The feeling of moving forward is overwhelming, even when the vehicle is stationary.  For its look, GLK350 is a tempting buy, but not by itself. 

Where the GLK350 shines.

Most SUVs look ok and are comfortable, but few are fun to drive.  This feature in particular is what sets the GLK350 apart, and is why there is a GLK350 price – Mercedes GLK review.  With a 3.5L V6 gasoline engine and 302 horsepower, the GLK350 tries to be a racecar.  Sensitive turning and breaks makes it feel as if it is an extension of your body.

Where that leaves us…

The GLK350 may not be the perfect SUV to combine comfort, design, and speed, but it definitely represents a step in the right direction.  If you are looking for an SUV and have the money to spare, definitely add it to your list. 

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