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Mercedes GLK350

Is The Mercedes GLK350 Right For You

When you think about luxury cars, you don’t immediately think of sports utility vehicles, but that’s all going to change when you look at what Mercedes Benz has cooked up for the general public. Amongst auto enthusiasts, the SUV world is usually large scale options that may be customized but out of the gate aren’t exactly thrilling. That’s where the brand took things and created something so compelling, that you will be surprised that you hadn’t thought of it first. It’s with that in mind that the company has released the Mercedes GLK350 and it’s getting some incredible reviews already. Both experts and drivers alike are impressed with several key components that you would expect from luxury and sports.

Before you think that the brand is all luxury and nothing under the hood, you should know that when you venture to purchase this option, you will be getting a full V-6 engine, 302 Horsepower and an array of benefits that will make you feel like a big shot upon setting foot inside. The attention to detail is immense here with a lot of attention placed firmly on the performance and handling of this automobile. You will find that aside from the breakneck speeds that you can go, you will have a full all-wheel package, stability control, and a traction system that will rival most other cars in this category. That means that no matter where you venture off to, you will have control of the car and even if Mother Nature sends you a storm, you’ll be in perfect serenity and calm.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues that people have with large trucks and SUV’s in general is that of the safety features which are hit or miss at best. The Mercedes GLK350 is not one of the options that skimped on the safety features as you will find there are a lot of different components that make up the interior. You will have multiple airbags, restraint technology that has been specifically realized for this model, and components that were tested and completely redesigned for ultimate safe driving or in case anything goes awry. You’ll have peace of mind when you settle in for a long road trip or get off road and tackle some amazing natural areas.

A Mercedes would not be complete with the many luxuries that are in demand. You’ll find that you can get a full array of upgrades, but the standards are pretty good too. Standard options can include a wide variety of options, and it really depends on what your tastes are, but the brand has a plethora of customizations that you can explore within the asking price of 37,900. The low price may in fact deter you from purchasing a different option because it’s a lot lower than most luxury rides.

For those that are looking for a new car, and are in the market for a sport’s utility vehicle, think luxury and you will find that this newly designed, intricate masterpiece will not only set you back fewer dollars, it will make most of your neighbors envious when you’re driving by.

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