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Mercedes GLK350

Mercedes GLK 350 IS loved by its customers

Mercedes GLK 350 has gained great popularity among the target market customers in the year 2010 itself. Impressing the customers is not a big deal for any Mercedes product but the toughest part is when any product tends to fail. Mercedes entered the sport utility vehicle market for the first time and there was a mental pressure on them that they had to succeed otherwise the trust that people have in Mercedes brand will be reduced. But undoubtedly, Mercedes GLK 350 gained huge popularity among the target audience.

Mercedes GLK350

Features of Mercedes GLK 350
Mercedes GLK 350 is not liked by the people because of the brand name it holds. It has achieved popularity among the customers because of the features that it offers. The features of Mercedes GLK350 are as follows: –
1.The power of the vehicle is 3.5 litre, 24 valve and V6 engine.
2.It has a 7-speed automatic transmission.
3.It doesn’t consume much fuel. It just consumes 16 MPG in city area and 21 MPG on highways.
4.The car can adjust itself automatically to the twists and turns of the road due to the presence of agility control suspension. This allows making changes in the control in milliseconds time.
5.The luxury of the car can be felt when an individual tends to see the interior of the car. The angled wheel arches allows the person to drive comfortably as the driver can sit and see the roads properly. The windows of the car are larger than the other sport utility vehicles as it provides a clear view of the road. The side mirrors are also larger; due to this the driver can get a better view of the things behind the car.
6.Mercedes GLK 350 has multiple cup holders, climate controller that allows the climate in the car to be controlled as per the convenience of the person who is travelling and power control window which helps the person to open and close the window with one simple touch.
7.Display in the Mercedes GLK 350 helps the driver with various information regarding fuel usage, tier pressure and others.

Target Market of Mercedes GLK 350
Mercedes has entered the sport utility vehicle session for the first time but they didn’t follow the rules and regulations that were set by the other competitors, they created their own demand. The target customers of Mercedes GLK 350 are as follows: –
1.The size of Mercedes GLK 350 is huge and hence, if a driver is looking for a sleek vehicle then this is not the right car.
2.They have concentrated more on the durability and functionality of the car rather than the luxury of the vehicle.

Mercedes studied the SUV market before launching Mercedes GLK 350 and they realized that this car has to be different than the other Mercedes car and they have been successful in impressing the new target market. A person purchasing a Mercedes GLK 350 will take some time to adjust to the controls of the car.

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