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Mercedes GLK350

Mercedes GLK350 – A Popular Option

When it comes to cars, especially that of sports utility vehicles, you will often times see either love or hate for them. It’s with that in mind that when Mercedes jumped into the market with their brand of luxury options, they completely revamped the idea of what a SUV was and is. When the designers, and technicians finished work on the latest and greatest models, the general public raised an eyebrow because they most certainly brought a sense of class to the driving world. The biggest example of this is the Mercedes GLK350. This impressive model comes equipped with a variety of different features that will stun you, and not only that, the asking price is not going to hurt your pocket book, which many be one of the biggest benefits of investing in this luxury ride.

The Power

First and foremost, those that are looking for more power under the hood will be delighted to have a full 302 horse power V-6 engine, and 7 speed automatic transmission. That means that you will be able to handle most city driving, highways and adventures that you will race through. If that wasn’t enough, the company included all wheel drive, and all wheel traction as well, so no matter where you are, what the weather is like or the road conditions are, you will have full control of your vehicle without having to worry about any major issues that may arise.

The Safety

If you’re going to put in passengers into your ride, you will want to make sure that they are safe and sound, and this SUV is just that, a safe ride. You will find air bags throughout, parking assistance, rearview camera, restraints, new seat belt technology, support systems in the seat, and a variety of other technical aspects that will allow you to anticipate any trouble far before you make a turn. That means that you will not only get a full view of moving forward, you will get a little help with active curve lighting.

The Price and More

Safety, power, and all the luxury you want. Whether you want leather seats, stereo sound, or upgrades that will have you becoming the envy of all your friends, you will be able to get moving forward with this incredible ride. In fact, you will find that a lot of the bells and whistles are already in place so that you don’t have to spend an arduous amount of time trying to custom fit this one into your garage. With a starting price around 37,900, you are going to be completely impressed with what Mercedes has done with the sport utility vehicle.

From the design, to the engine, to the interior, you are going to be riding in style alone or with your family and will definitely be impressing everyone and anyone that you are in contact with. Even if you’re goal is to take this thing off road, you are going to have a hard time breaking it, as it is made for you to explore the world in a whole new way.

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